This was one of my favorite projects that I have done so far. Not sure if it is because it turned out so good or if it was so fun to do. My Aunt gave me this corner cabinet and instead of just leaving it like it was which wasn’t horrible but you could tell it was old, I decided to make it into a piece of furniture that I would enjoy looking at.

Of course I forgot to take an actual “before” picture but I took one after I disassembled it and had sanded it down. So you can get an idea of what it looked like before.Image     You can see by the picture above that I took the back panels off, took the cabinet doors off, and took the shelves and drawer out. I also went ahead and took off all the hardware since I was replacing those anyways.ImageAnother picture after sanding everything.Image   One of the best tools I have ever bought. It was only $30 at Lowe’s. It did just the job I needed it to do.

Now it was time to mod podge fabric onto the panels. Mod Podge is one of my favorite craft supplies. It does everything it seems like.ImageWhen using Mod Podge, I always use a sponge brush. It seems to go on better with them.Image  Next I applied the fabric. I found the fabric at my favorite craft store of all time, Hobby Lobby. That place always seems to have everything you could possibly think of. Plus its Christian based and always plays Christian music, always a reason to shop there, right?Image  Next I had to Mod Podge fabric onto the back board since I was not going to disassemble it that far. Image

Image    The yellow tool that you see in this picture is a life saver when cutting fabric! So easy to use, but be careful and make sure you use a cutting mat or you WILL cut through everything, even something you didn’t want to cut. Oops.

Next, it was time to paint!Image        I chose a color called “Mountain Smoke.” I wanted a gray color but I didn’t want it to be boring gray. When I saw the name of the color I got, I just knew that was the one 🙂 The little roller you see in the above picture was well worth the $5 I paid for it. It was made to paint cabinet doors and things and was just the right size for this project.Image     So let the painting begin!Image      All the painting was done, now just to reassemble everything. First I put the shelves back in. And by the picture below, you can see I had to do a little touch up work. No big deal 🙂Image    Got all the shelves back in their places and started to nail the back panels back in place.ImagePanels are nailed back in place and I LOVE the way it looks!Image   Next, putting all the hardware back on and putting the cabinet doors and drawer back in.

Image    The knobs and handle you see in the above picture was from Hobby Lobby too. Told you that place has EVERYTHING!

I have to say I am very pleased with the way this cute little corner cabinet turned out. The Mod Podge fabric adds dimension to it instead of just being painted all over.ImageImage     So the lessons learned through this project were make sure your drill is charged because it does make life a little easier, use a cutting mat, fabric on furniture IS a good idea, and never settle for something that you are not going to love to look at. For just $35 (not including the new tools I bought) I made a cabinet that is fun to look at and something that I will enjoy for years to come.