I hate to be cliche, but it really does just seems like yesterday that I found out I was going to be a big sister. Oh how I was so beyond excited!!  Of course, I wanted it to be a baby girl and Miles, our brother wanted a baby boy. I remember coming home from school and mom handed me the ultrasound and asked if I could tell what it was…well, I couldn’t really tell but I just knew it was a GIRL!  The excitement was overwhelming. 9 months was a long time for any kid to wait for something especially a new little sister.

When Megan Elizabeth Ensley was born, I was instantly in love with the most precious baby girl in the world. And I must say that I was very protective over her. As mom would always say, I was her second mother.  Just want to share some of the memories I have of when she was a baby.

I remember Megan learned to walk when she was only 9 months old. It was the cutest thing to watch this little person walk around. Another thing I remember is her love of water. She loved the pool and loved the ocean. She was most definitely a water bug, and still is. She learned how to swim quite young. I remember when we were on vacation in Florida, we were all swimming in the swimming pool and Megan had her arm floaties on. She threw her legs up and decided to impress us with her mad back floating skills, so cute. She was good at it 🙂 Another vivid memory I have was when she tripped over her own little sandals in Sears and busted her head open. Of course I felt so guilty because I was the one watching her at that time. Normally, if she was in my care, she was in my arms, but I put her down only to get a sip of water from the water fountain. Well, a trip to the ER and about 4 or 5 stitches later she was ok but she still has the scar, sorry Megs. Another memory I have when she was a baby is when she was about 2 years old and could barely talk. We were out in the ocean and Dad was holding her. He would pick her up high when the waves would come and some would splash in her face. She then turned to her Dad and said very clearly, “I can’t swim under these conditions.” HAHAHAHA. Oh it was priceless. We couldnt believe what she said. We later learned that she got it from the cartoon Chip and Dale that she loved to watch.  

So why am I writing this post today. Well today is Megan’s last day of Middle School and after today she will officially be a High Schooler. I absolutely cannot believe it. I still look at her as this little girl. But I have to admit she has grown into a beautiful young lady. I’m so proud of all she has done so far and to be able to say that I am her big sister. I guess I taught her well 😉

Megan, I am very proud of you! I know you are going to do great things in High School. Enjoy your time there because it flies by and before you know it, you will be graduating! Keep up the good work. I love you so much!

Megan with her cast


At the Beach


At my wedding 2009. Notice Im still taller in this picture. Megan now has me by two inches.

At Dad’s 50th Birthday party

Aunt Megs