The title of this blog explains it all. Here recently Mike and I have moved to our new home for the next three years. We now call Fort Gordon, Georgia home. Moving here was a big step for me. After living in one small town my whole life (until I went to college), I consider myself somewhat of a home body. Let’s just say, for me, there was some uneasiness involved.

We moved all our stuff from Lynchburg, Virginia and did it quite quickly. We rented a 12×12 Uhaul trailer to pull behind Mike’s truck and then we had my SUV to pack stuff in. Plenty of space to pack all our stuff, right? Wrong. Well little did we know we had a lot more stuff then space to pack it in, ugh. I had to start picking and choosing stuff that could be thrown away, given away, or go with us. It was good to get rid of the junk but there were some things that I would not have minded taken with us but we just couldn’t fit anymore stuff.  For the most part, Mike and I packed everything ourselves but when it came to our huge bedroom furniture thank goodness we had friends to help carry that. After packing everything  that would fit we hit the road to North Carolina to visit my family. Since we did not have a home on base yet we stored all of our stuff in a shed that Miles (my brother) had outside his house instead of paying for a storage shed. After a few days in NC, Mike and I hit the road again to GA.  We had no idea where we were going to stay when we got there so needless to say, it was a little nerve racking.

When we arrived on Ft Gordon, there was no rooms available in the hotel on base…of course. So we had to get a hotel off base until we found somewhere more permanently to live until a house on base came available. We then begin our search for a small cheap apartment. The issue we ran into was that most apartments did not rent month to month, which is what we needed because we did not know when a house would open up. We finally found a place that did a 3 month lease, which was about the right amount of time we needed. So we moved all we brought with us into a 1 BR, 1 Bath tiny apartment. When I say tiny, I really mean it was tiny. Keep in mind all our stuff was in storage in NC so all we had with us were some kitchen supplies and clothes.

So what did we sleep on…an air mattress. Air mattresses might look comfy but they are not meant to be slept on long term for sure. We inflated ours so much that it eventually over inflated on one side.  What did we sit on…lawn chairs. We were roughing it a little bit all except we did have a bathroom and kitchen. 🙂

Pause for a short story: One night while we were sleeping in that apartment on the air mattress which was on the floor. I was half asleep/half awake. All of a sudden I felt something on my face and very quickly swiped it off. Well I was fully awake then and made Mike get up to turn the light on to find out what it was. Well after we moved the air mattress away from the wall there it was….a HUGE cockroach. Gross!!! I was so done living there and all I wanted was to finally move into our new house on base but we would have to wait about another month.

We finally got the call that we could move into a house on base December 6. It was the exact house that we wanted to get. It was perfect. When we got that call we still had to wait about 3 more weeks.  We were so excited to finally have this home. December 6 came and we met the representative at the house to get the keys and sign the lease. What a great day that was!!  We LOVED the house. 4 BR, 2.5 Baths, 2 car garage and LOTS of storage!! It was beyond perfect. It’s also tucked away in a quiet neighborhood.  Later that day our new living room furniture was delivered so you can imagine that it was a REALLY exciting day.

3 days later Mike left for drill in VA and I headed up to NC to pick up all our stuff. When I got to NC my parents, Papa, and brother had already loaded up the moving “truck” and were ready to ride to GA. Yes, we rented a moving “truck” this time and not a trailer because I still had all my wedding gifts in storage boxes at my parents house. Needless to say everything fit just fine in the truck. My parents, sister, brother, sister in law, and nephew then hit the road that same night. We arrived in GA at 10pm that night and quickly unloaded all the mattresses so everyone would have something comfy to sleep on. FINALLY a real mattress in my NEW home!! The only thing that was missing was Mike. He missed the whole moving in process. Yupp, he did not have to carry one box because he was gone that weekend. Can you believe that?  My brother and dad did an awesome job carrying all the heavy furniture up the stairs.

Then another excited event…I got to re-open all my wedding gifts I had gotten 2 years and 5 months ago.  It was so much fun!  It was like having a wedding shower all over again. It was so fun unpacking all the new things and placing them where I wanted them to go in the kitchen. A few of my favorite items were my dishes, my Paula Deen pots and pans set, and my mixer.

That weekend felt so good. It was so nice to finally be in our new home. It was certainly a breath of fresh air and the wait was totally worth it. I am going to take pics of our new home and post them soon. But until then here are pictures of our old town home in Lynchburg and our new home in GA.

Our town home in Lynchburg

Our new home in GA